Newtown. It’s not just about guns

Our violence problem is far worse than just easy access to guns. Ours is a culture that is coming apart.

Without getting into the controversy, we lived in Utah recently. Most everyone there has multiple guns, knows how to use them, and the level of violence is microscopic. So, it’s not just about guns. It’s about cultures that are cohesive, community, and leaders who are respected. All of that is vanishing in the US.

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  1. Amen, Bob. To say that guns are the problem is to say that it is perfectly acceptable for people to have so little disregard for one another – so long as they don’t kill each other. I reject that premise. As we lose our regard for each other, be it with violence or speech or an attitude of “I got mine, you get yours,” we lose the very humanity that allows civilization to endure.

    In short, we are circling the drain, and all the gun laws in the world won’t stop it. But each and every one of us can – by demonstrating humanity to everyone around us, even to those we dislike or disagree with. The government can’t fix this. WE are the answer.

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