Progressive media says they’ll get tough on Obama now. Pigs fly too

Glenn Greenwald is highly skeptical that so-called progressive media like Democratic Party lapdog MSNBC will challenge Obama on much of anything. A Pew study says MSNBC was more biased against Romney than Fox was against Obama and that in the final week before the election MSNBC did not run a single story critical of Obama.

Over the past four years, [media progressives] have justified their supine, obsequious posture toward the nation’s most powerful political official by appealing to the imperatives of electoral politics: namely, it’s vital to support rather than undermine Obama so as to not help Republicans win elections. Why won’t that same mindset operate now to suppress criticisms of the Democratic leader?

That’s precisely what will happen. Progressive media will continue to roll over and say tickle my tummy to the White House. And besides, they really aren’t progressive  As Steve Hynd at The Agonist has pointed out, what passes for left-wing here would be considered right-of-center in Britain and Europe.

The original Progressive Party said “To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day,” something our mainstream progressive media doesn’t spend much time on, except of course if a Republican is corrupt. But the problems are in both parties. The system itself is corrupt. By not criticizing Obama, progressive media simply allows that to continue and is complicit in the process.