Our hollowed out government. DOJ fails in its job

We increasingly have a hollowed out government which no longer performing its basic functions, like enforcing the law and conducting rigorous investigations. Instead, our federal agencies are too often quite willing victims of regulatory capture, staffed by those who plan to work for the companies they pretend to regulate. The following are just the latest two examples of a Department of Justice that is hopelessly compromised and captured. And of course there still have been no criminal indictments against the banksters in the investment banks.

Dialysis company accused of giant Medicare fraud.

It may be the biggest Medicare fraud ever, involving hundreds of millions in overcharging, but it was been triggered by a private lawsuit. The federal government did investgate but apparently could find no wrongdoing.

The short-staffed U.S. Department of Justice declines to join lawsuits all the time, instead allowing private citizens who hire private lawyers to essentially prosecute for the government, Burns said.

DOJ mysteriously quits Monsanto antitrust investigation.

DOJ released news of the end of the investigation in the days before Thanksgiving, is extremely close-lipped about it, and of course, has determined that Monsanto has done nothing wrong.

Diana Moss, vice president and senior research fellow of the American Antitrust Institute, told me that the DOJ’s information blackout on the case is unusual—and frustrating. “To have a two-year investigation and close it without a peep in our view does a disservice.”