Billiken Boy. Chronicling recovery from brain lymphoma

My friend Daniel is recovering from brain lymphoma and is blogging about it eloquently at Billiken Boy. “How a brain lymphoma saved my life | a journey of self discovery and hope.” Apparently he’d been running all his life, working insane hours. The lymphoma has forced him to slow down.

I have a mass in my brain that does not let me think properly, but this, somehow, is one of the most liberating things that happened to me in a long time.

I feel I do not have to run anymore, that I already ran too much, that I carried the weight of my world on my shoulders alone. And that I don’t have to do that anymore. I feel liberated. I feel unburdened, paradoxically I feel happy.

And besides, having faced my mortality head on, I feel I can die at peace because I know I did a good job in this life. I am not planning to die anytime soon, of course. But I see my two children and I know I have broken the cycle of craziness and unhappiness.