Frankenstein Economics is killing capitalism

It’s time to kill the monster

Frankenstein Economics, the perversion of what capitalism was supposed to be combined with massive corruption, is poisoning this country.

For over two centuries capitalists have been dissecting and replacing body parts on Adam Smith’s theories, patching together a monster Frankenstein Economics. Once it worked for the whole economy. But now the monster is on a rampage, destroying itself, failing the nation that gave it life.

We no longer have capitalism in the US for all. The 1% have socialism. They are bailed out by a compliant government and laws are studiously ignored when a plutocrat commits a crime.

The center cannot hold: Kleptocracy delegitimizes the status quo

As the Status Quo fails to protect the national interests and the citizenry from the neofeudal kleptocracy, faith in the political center fades. The centerist parties cannot “reform” corruption because they are the embodiment of corruption. In desperation, people move from the center to the extreme left or right, seeking a party that is willing to overthrow the corrupt, failed kleptocracy.

And they will go right if the left doesn’t at least try to get them
We the People and the New American Civil War

White working-class men have been on the losing end of a huge demographic and economic shift. That’s made them a tinder-box of frustration and anger – eagerly ignited by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and other pedlars of petulance, including an increasing number of Republicans who have gained political power by fanning the flames.

Well, white working-class men are getting shafted. Jobs are vanishing, the economy sucks, and the Democratic mostly look at them as ignorant rednecks. Perhaps if the left took time to listen to them they would start listening to the left in response.