Electricity. Without it everything stops

Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

The pictures from Manhattan of people and corporations providing charging stations and free internet speak volumes about our country now. Like zombies, New Yorkers wandered the streets but instead of craving brains, they lusted for charging outlets. Had I been there, I would have done the same too. Without electricity everything stops.

Our mobile devices and phones are mostly indispensable now, part of routine daily life. John Robb’s new Resilient Strategies got me thinking. We need to plan ahead and join together in advance of whatever natural and man-made catastrophes that will be coming.

Our government is becoming hollowed out. Imagine a Hurricane Sandy or social unrest with a federal response even more inept than that of Hurricane Katrina (or social unrest of the same scale too.) That’s what John Robb thinks is coming. So, people get ready.

Electricity is what moves our world. Starting soon, I’ll be posting articles about portable battery packs, hand crank radios that can charge smartphones, batteries, and then move on to related topics.