Bilgewater from MSM on presidential election and the “horse race”

An analyst on CNN just said in apparent complete seriousness that it could be a very close race indeed if you factor out that Obama is expected to win in Ohio. And if speeding meteors wiped out California, New York, and Illinois tonight, then, yes, the dynamics of the race would change. Frankly, I’m afraid that left-handed soccer moms in the Midwest could all get leprosy tonight and not be able to vote for Obama tomorrow.

My worry and concern is certainly as credible as what the CNN analyst opined in a desperate attempt to create news where none exists and to ignore facts so as to make a splashy story.

What CNN is doing is neither journalism nor reporting. It’s just the empty-headed echo chamber bouncing notions around, pretending they are still relevant.

However, it’s not just CNN that is being empty-headed.

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