Resilient Strategies. John Robb’s new project from Resilient Communities

Don’t let a broken global system dictate your family’s future. Join Resilient Strategies.

The purpose of Resilient Strategies is simple. It’s been built to provide you with real, actionable information that you can use today. Insight you can use to improve your resilience and tangibly increase your family’s chances of success in the future.

This is a pay service, value-added off the Resilient Communities website,$97 a year until Sunday. I joined. I respect Robb and the work he does at Global Guerrillas as well as at Resilient Communities. Robb thinks the wheels may be about to come off in this country and that we need to band together in our own communities to figure out how to do this that the government will increasingly not be able to do.

And if he’s wrong, well, you will have learned a lot anyway.

Each month, you’ll receive in-depth research on the different options to secure your family’s energy, water, and food requirements. You’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to implement the strategies, along with different options to customize the outcome for your family. You’ll also get recommendations of new technologies that can make your life easier.

You’ll also get best practices that I’ve seen used around the world, in every climate. Dry, wet, hot, & cold, Resilient Strategies will report on how you can make it happen.

There will also be conference calls and lots more too.

I’m guessing that Mormons who live in New York City and New Jersey were way better prepared for the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy simply because food and supplies storage are part of their religious beliefs. Hey, Sue and I live ten miles from the San Andreas Fault. Maybe having a months supply of food and water and making contingency plans with neighbors would be a real good idea. Now factor into that an big quake here in five years when maybe the city and state government is no longer able to provide much in the way of services and you get an idea of what Robb is talking about.