Red Hook NYC Recovers – community-powered disaster recovery

Red Hook Recovers is a recovery organizing site for New York’s Red Hook neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The site allows people to offer/request assistance, and is coordinated by the folks at OWS and community organizations on the ground. or information on volunteering and donating supplies in other affected areas, please visit¬†

Doug Henwood on Facebook said he was organizing to bring supplies to Red Hook. Someone asked “Red Hook was hit pretty hard, no?” Henwood replied “Red Hook was fucking hammered” as were many of the new Jersey coast towns.

I grew up in New England and have been through some big hurricanes. Superstorm Sandy was off the map in terms of power, size, and devastating trajectory. Way too many people in NJ and NY still have no power (which generally means no heat) and are running low on food, water, and gas. This is approaching Katrina-like magnitude. Some of those little NJ coast towns have been obliterated. What do you do when your house, car, and maybe even job have disappeared?