The New Normal: Epic Drought in Nebraska, Deluge in NYC

John Robb says, people get ready, in a post on his new project, Resilient Communities, focusing on severe drought in the Midwest to the coming deluge in New York City.

It’s likely to be a big mess. A mess made much worse because EVERYONE is completely dependent on systems they don’t have any control over and they all are going to demand help from government officials and the big infrastructure companies at the SAME time.

That’s why we all need to join together in our communities, to plan how to be more resilient in the face of extreme weather and hollowed out governments. New England got clobbered last year at about this time by Irene, which was also a freak storm. Freak events are becoming the norm with existing structures unable to deal with it.  Connecticut Light and Power, for example, was woefully incapably of dealing with the outages, especially since they’d laid off many workers  so as to “optimize return for shareholders.” Power was out for weeks for many in the state.

We have a multitude of problems; corrupt and inefficient governments and companies, weather that is unmistakably getting more extreme and dangerous, and an absence of leaders in any real sense of the term. That’s why doing it ourselves, working together with our neighbors may be the best (and only) way out.