Microsoft stores have big lines for Surface and Windows 8

It’s been a long time since Microsoft rocked and rolled. But the Borg is definitely back in town. Windows 8, Surface, Windows Phone, Bing are all seriously good. Microsoft tablets can have multiple windows and apps open at once. The iPad can’t do that (yet).

The current explosion of new devices and massive competition benefits all of us. I’m operating system agnostic. We have a XP desktop, two Vista laptops, two iPhones, and a Kindle. What do you have?

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  1. A Windows 7 big box, an XP netbook, a Kindle Fire (looking for a new home), a Kindle and an iPhone. The netbook, Kindle and phone (in airplane mode) are with me here in France. Looking forward to your test drive of Windows 8 before trying it at home.

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