3D Printshow London – 3D Printing is going mainstream

BBC Radio interviewed people at the 3D Print Show in London. One person said 3D printing will be as disruptive as the the internet has been. Another said the impact will be akin to that of the Industrial Revolution. The 3D Printshow website says. “The internet changed the world in the 1990s. The world is about to change again.”

Think about it. If you can make things at home easily then manufacturing, supply chains, transportation, and much more will all be impacted. 3D printing is disruptive technology that is still in its infancy.

MakerBot Replicator 2 – Affordable 3D desktop printer

3D Printshow meets: The 3D4D challenge. A Masai artisan could 3D print jewelry based on traditional designs and then transfer the CAD file to the USA where it could be mass produced. If his tractor needs a part, the tractor company in Britain could send him the CAD file to be 3D printed there. Prosthetics can be created locally. And so on…

Tech For Trade is helping to develop technology-based solutions to combat poverty in developing countries around the world. Here, CEO William Hoyle explains how the 3D4D Challenge invites inventors, technologists and entrepreneurs to submit pitches to win a $100, 000 prize and see their technologies realised.