Resilient Communities launches – let’s build our own world

From John Robb of Global Guerrillas comes Resilient Communities. Babylon really is burning. Our government is becoming a hollowed-out Potemkin shell. We The People need to figure out how to cope with the probable coming chaos. Neither Obama or Romney have the slightest clues (or inclinations) to work towards solutions here. We will need to do it ourselves.

What does

How do you build a successful and secure life for yourself and your family in an increasingly unstable world?

You learn to produce food, energy, water, and wealth in abundance.

You learn to connect to your community for mutual support and advancement.

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  1. Bravo! Thanks, Bob, for bringing this site to our attention. Robb’s work is spot-on with respect to the coming system failure. He’s got a great post on home-grown solar heat – I hope in the future he’ll offer more how-to info and links. (My own system is based on a design on And perhaps discussion among those preparing.

    But the most important thing right now is to recognize what the future holds and to prepare for it. Our Mormon neighbors counsel putting a year’s worth of food in storage, but that’s not enough. In a protracted collapse of the national and/or international system, we need to think about ongoing LOCAL production of food, energy, and value (i.e. for trade) – and the many things we will no longer be able to buy at Wal-Mart. Think about that, and about where you want to be and what you plan to do when it happens. The time to plan is NOW, not when the trucks stop rolling.

    • If we have a collapse that bad and that long, we’ll have a revolution..

      • Once it has already collapsed, a revolution is irrelevant. Time to build, not tear down. In fact, as hollow as the system has become, it’s time to build NOW. We know it’s coming. Be prepared, not surprised.

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