Doug Henwood on Obama and the election

I would prefer that Obama win the election—not so much because he’d be so much better than Romney on policy but because he will disappoint so many of his loyalists that it would be good for radical politics. Instead of people bellyaching about McCain’s awfulness, as they would have had he won in 2008, we got Occupy. Occupy faded, in part because attention was turned to the presidential campaign. I’m hoping that come November 7, we can turn away from big-time electoral politics again, which is where people who want more than minor transformations should be looking.


  1. I have always felt that either ‘We The People’ get fed up with both parties, or we make zero real progress towards ridding ourselves of the dictatorship that Big Business has over us. It is essential that if we want change to take place, we have to understand that the two parties collaborate with each other, rather than compete against one another.

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