Google Chromebook – New Samsung version – $249

The new Google Chromebook from Samsung has an 11.6 inch screen, 6.5 hr. battery, and weights 2.5 lbs. It has a crossplatform Remote Desktop app that allows users to run programs on other computers, like on your home or office computer when you are elsewhere. The big difference between Chromebook and traditional laptops is that all the apps in Chromebook are in the cloud as is storage.

A Chromebook could make a great traveling computer or for browsing the net while watching television.  And that, says Business Insider, is precisely the problem. Google envisioned Chromebook as a replacement for laptops. But it can never be that because it is completely dependent on doing everything in the browser and you can’t install software directly.

Make no mistake, Google’s pivot with Chromebooks is a last-ditch effort to get people on board with the operating system.

If it fails, kiss the Chromebook business goodbye.