Federal Reserve bomber Nafis – doofus wannabe for Al Qaeda

Accused NY Federal Reserve bomber Nafis came to America in January and immediately began inquiring as to who would like to join him in blowing stuff up. This is akin to, say, me moving to London and walking down the street telling passersby I’d like to blow up Buckingham Palace. Anyone with half a clue would scope out the situtaion for months before making inquiries and would assume government informers were everywhere.

Nafis was in a hotel when he triggered the car bomb with his cell phone. But, of course, the bombs were fakes, and the feds then arrested him. His distraught father in Bangladesh “called on the government to ‘get my son back home.'” Sorry, dad, but your son is never coming home. He will be in a Supermax prison for decades to come.

Al Qaeda does an exemplary job of recruiting loser, clueless cannon fodder who may not have any actual contact with them. The terrorism virus gets implanted in their febrile minds and then these loner dimbulbs wander off zombie-like to do AQ’s bidding. And that’s the scary part.


  1. Think about this in terms of “Cycle of Violence” theory: AQ risks nothing, gets tons of free advertising in the form of international headline news. Feds get to continue “state of emergency” without anyone dying. Clearly we are still under attack, so keep those drones coming and wave goodbye to a few more rights. But no one died so there’s no public outcry. The two combatant parties win big, we lose. Again. It’s brilliant! All the benefits of a war, with no body bags!

    And come on: the federal reserve? Are we sure he wasn’t hired by a Montana militia group instead of AQ? I’m just sayin’…

    • Well, except sometimes AQ (and the US) really do kill people… But absolutely, war is good for the economy, Invest (someone else’s) children.

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