Californians: Vote No on Prop 31

CalWatchdog explains why to vote No on Prop 31. Basically, Prop 31 is the usual special interest sleaze wrapped up in a deceptive bow. It promises to balance the budget but instead creates a mid-layer of new bureaucracy so out-of-work politicians can find new jobs. Also, Prop 31 budget plans could lead to an even worse train wreck than California already has, since it mandates new spending over $25 million must be paid for by revenue increases or offsetting budget cuts. This could slow the already glacial budget process even more.

Most of the eleven propositions on the California ballot in November are similarly deceptive, with a pretty ribbon and sweet promises covering up a power and money ploy by a sometimes disguised special interest group. The California proposition system is broken. Those with deep pockets can simply buy their way onto the ballot, the exact opposite of what it was meant to be, which was direct participation in democracy by citizens.