Texas monster mom – Justice or vindictiveness?

Elizabeth Escalona, the Texas monster mom, got 99 years in beating her two year old nearly to death. Yes, what she did was unspeakably vicious, but 99 years is more than most murderers get. If she was a middle-class white woman and not a Latina gang girl, the sentence probably would not have been nearly as harsh.

The “Monster of Riga” recently got 18 years in Holland and indefinite psychiatric treatment for sexually abusing at least 67 children, some of them toddlers and infants, then posting images and videos on the internet.  This seems a vastly saner approach than locking up a woman at age 22 to die in in prison decades later.

I’ve been clean and sober for many years now and know more than a few men who were extremely violent before they stopped drinking and using drugs. Some of them did go to prison. And now they are regular taxpayer citizens. Sometimes rehabilitation really does happen.

The 99 year sentence for the Texas monster mom seems more vindictive than any real attempt at justice.