Philly student Romney T-shirt likened to KKK

A black teacher in a Philadelphia high school told a white student that her Romney t-shirt was akin to her, the teacher, wearing a KKK t-shirt. The teacher then tried to get a teacher’s aide to mark an X on the t-shirt.

The teacher is now attempting the mealy-mouthed and time-honored ploy of pretending she was just joking. In my opinion, the teacher should be disciplined or fired. Intimidating and humiliating attacks by teachers against students are abhorrent. Meanwhile, Democratic Party booster blogs seem concerned about how this could hurt Democrats.

Which is too bad, because that Democratic teacher has handed “proof” about intolerant liberals to the wingnut propaganda machine and hardened a stereotype in a young student’s mind.

Um, the presumably liberal teacher was intolerant. What she did was not defensible. In this case the right wing has a completely legitimate complaint, so why pretend otherwise?

If the Democratic Party in Philly has half a brain, they’ll denounce what happened and call for an investigation.