Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of major Mexico politician, murdered

Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of former PRI chairman and governor of state of Coahuila Humberto Moreira, was killed near the U.S.-Mexico border.

My son was another victim of this war,” a distraught Humberto Moreira told reporters during Thursday’s funeral. “They killed my son. They shot him twice in the head.”

Borderland Beat translates an editorial.

This, the impunity, is the product of the weakness of the Mexican State that allows anyone to challenge authority without there being any consequences.

The murder is assumed to have been done by a drug cartel who knew who the target was and didn’t care that he was politically connected. It shows how weak the Mexican State is. The northeast part of Mexico, where the killing was, no longer has law as we know it here. And what law there is can’t be trusted.

Police and local officials implicated in Eduardo Moreira murder

Police and municipal officials took part in the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira, the son of Coahuila former governor, Humberto Moreira.  “At this time, in a parallel manner, there are municipal officials who are implicated in the events,” stated the State Attorney General, Homero Ramos Gloria.