Proposition 32 seeks to block union payroll deductions for politics

California Proposition 32, which claims to want to clean up money in politics, has already brought in $48 million in contributions. This is a brass knuckles fight, a classic union vs. corporations battle. Prop 32 would bar unions from deducting money from member’s paychecks for political donations. Unions and good government organizations are fighting to stop it while billionaires are funding it.

In my opinion, despite sometimes misleading language on both sides, Prop 32 is a naked attempt at union busting. It does not stop money going to Super PACs and exempts LLCs, which renders the whole proposition pointless in terms of getting money out of politics. Plus, the absurdly high amount of money flowing into the pro and con Prop 32 campaigns, often via Super PACs, makes the whole thing ludicrous. Money in politics cannot be cleaned up by money in politics. Prop 32 also shows how broken the California Proposition system is. What was originally meant to be a way for citizens to participate directly in state politics is now a charade, where deep pockets buy their way onto the ballot   by paying people to gather signatures to qualify a proposition.

Read more about Prop 32 at IVN, in my continuing series on the propositions. I conclude with:

California voters might do best to ignore the barrage of ads from the opposing sides and instead decide their vote on Prop 32 based on the core issue of unions deducting money from paychecks to use for political contributions.