Romney campaign races on, oblivious

“No campaign turnaround needed here. Everything is fine, just fine.”

Quote of the day:

The wheels are not coming off the Mitt Romney campaign. They came off some time ago. The press is just beginning to notice.

The Romney campaign is skidding along on its axles and scraping its muffler. Soon it will be down to the dog on the roof.

Roger Simon in Politico

Romney says his stumbles don’t mean campaign needs a turnaround.” Right.

And could we please put an end to the ridiculous assumption that running a business successfully means someone is qualified to be a politician. The skills sets are quite different. In politics, things are generally done in the open. Politicians have to deal with pressure groups, media, constituencies, and of course do fund-raising. Things aren’t  decided autocratically in a closed board room meeting. Instead, decisions are done in public. This requires vastly more skill in dealing with people, media, attacks coming out of nowhere, and living in a fishbowl. And it’s becoming clear that Romney has few if any of those skills.


  1. Perhaps I’m mistaken, but it seems you have had a great deal of coverage (or at least speculation) about backroom deals and behind-the-scenes maneuvering in Congress, if not throughout the American political world. From debt ceiling negotiations to torture to who gets on the ballot, it seems that little in politics is what We The People see. Different skill set, yes. More open? I doubt it.

    • Good point. Let’s say the process is more out in the open. But the skill set is indeed different. Governments aren’t corporations, much as Rombama would like to think so.

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