Gulf Cartel leader “El Coss” arrest portends escalating violence


The arrest of Gulf Cartel leader “El Coss” in Mexico demonstrates how taking down a cartel can have devastating consequences, lead to more violence, and probably won’t stop much drug trafficking. This is the opposite of what might be expected.

From my recent IVN article:

The US is fighting a hydra-headed drug cartel nemesis on the US-Mexico border. Chop off one head and another appears. Decimate one cartel by arrests and it splits into parts or regroups and then continues business as usual.

In this case, the Sinloa Cartel will probably back what’s left of the Gulf Cartel in opposition to Los Zetas in a battle to control a crucial part of northeast Mexico. There will almost certainly be a major escalation in violence and mayhem there.

In a charming development in Mexico, some cartels are now seizing alleged rapists from prison, torturing and castrating them, then crucifying them in public. Imagine trying to live in an area like that, where finding beheaded and tortured bodies on streets or hanging from bridges is not unusual.

Apparently at least a few of El Coss’ bodyguards were wearing military uniforms and may well have been actual military. There is no law as we know it in areas like that. Going to the police to report a crime is not an option. El Sicario. Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin is the true story of a mid-level cartel killer. He did most of his killing and torturing while a member of law enforcement.  (He later found Jesus and walked away from it all at huge danger to himself and his family.)