Peregrine CEO who stole $200 million released on bail

Just because millions of dollars that Peregine CEO Russell Wasendorf stole is still missing is no reason whatsoever to think he would be any kind of a flight risk.

So, he shall be released from jail while awaiting trial and will be staying in the home of an Iowa minister who most certainly will be attending to his spiritual needs. Meanwhile, the clients he robbed are still unable to access their accounts.

Those ruffians at Zero Hedge are just much too cynical and snarky about this serious matter of attending to the needs of the 1% criminal class.

Well, we now know where Mr. Wasendorf will not be in one month: prison. We know tentatively where he will be: somewhere in the south Pacific, on a private island purchased with a portion of the $200 million in stolen money.

Rule of law is for the little people.