Nakoula is filmmaker of anti-Muslim movie

A socialist Scottish friend says maybe US freedom of speech goes too far. Nakoula’s movie would probably get him arrested in other countries. Germany, for example, has strict laws against endorsing Nazism.

Nakoula deliberately tried to incite riots by making a movie filled with grotesquely untrue statements. And now this odious hate-monger is whining that police must protect him because his life is in danger.


  1. I don’t think we know what Nakoula did “deliberately” — given the length of time between the posting of his 14 nasty minutes and the outbreak of protest, it seem safe to infer that other deliberations took place in the interim.

    • A small-time crook gets out of prison and somehow gets $5 million to make a movie deliberately insulting Islam when they had to know if jihadists saw it they’d go batshit. Seems deliberate enough to me.

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