Zero carbon house in the Shetlands

The Shetland Islands are cold, windy, and unforgiving. Yet a zero carbon house there was built from a kit, which makes all the more amazing indeed. They didn’t even have to turn on the heat during the winter.

We have built a zero carbon house on Britain’s most northerly island of Unst, which will bring obvious benefits to the environment. Our carbon neutral home lowers the carbon footprint by producing its own energy and storing it to heat the home. We also use this energy to fuel an electric vehicle for transportation. Food will be grown in hi-tech greenhouses using a hydroponic growing system.

Jetson Greene notes the house was deliberately designed and built in a way that can be replicated elsewhere easily. Perhaps one day homes like this will be everywhere. Imagine how much less energy our strained grid would need to produce if there were tens of millions of houses like this happily existing off the grid.

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