Burn Wall Street build fake Wall Street at Burning Man, then burns it

The Burn Wall Street Project at Burning Man 2012. The names on the buildings are “Bank of Un-America”, “Merrill Lynched”, “Goldman Sucks” and “Chaos Manhattan”.

Burn Wall Street says the point of the piece is that the Tea Party and Occupy both know things are screwed in this country but are so partisan that not much gets done. Instead, they should come together and work on solutions.

Burn Wall Street (BWS) is a very political piece that stems from a neutral point of view. We see the Tea Party and the Occupy movements as very similar. They are both well-intentioned groups of Americans that know that things must change.

Unfortunately, one group has been hijacked by Right-wing extremists and the othethat not much is getting done.r by Left-wing extremists, and both groups have been used as pawns through the use of political wedges to keep each other from the actual goal of reforming Wall Street and saving our economy.

But the people who are responsible for fixing this are not the 1% or the 99%–we need 100% of Americans to step up to the challenge to fix this. So BWS is asking these disparate groups to put down their Bibles and their Communist Manifestos in order to unite, share ideas and come up with actual solutions from a rational perspective.

When I lived in southern Utah recently, I was actually astounded at how many hardcore right-wingers were as pissed off as Occupy members and often at the same things, the plundering of the country by the elites and a do-nothing government that aids and abets them.  I recall a hard-ass retired big city cop there telling me we need a revolution to stop the corruption in DC. And he is no liberal. Do Utah rednecks and Occupy city dwellers disagree on some things? Absolutely. But there is common ground. And that’s what real coalitions are all about.