Hackers crash Saudi Aramco network

Saudi Aramco officials tried to downplay the severity of the attack. However, it disabled 30,000 workstations and took ten days to recover from. That is a serious attack. No telling how much data it destroyed or how much data it stole.

According to researchers, the malware also has the capacity to extract information from compromised [computers] before uploading it to the internet.

Core router names and admin passwords along with email address and supposed password of Saudi Aramco chief exec, Khalid A Al-Falih, were uploaded to Pastebin on Monday.

This is not hacker kiddies but a well-planned and executed attack intended to search, destroy, and disrupt.


  1. A sophisticated enough attack to be government sponsored, no doubt the Israeli and her lap dog US. Not necessarily a “false flag”, more like a final beta, though in either case a seious enough failure so as to tighten up, so to speak, the Internet as we know it.

      • Oh I can think of at least one reason Israel or the US might want to mess with the price of oil. Remember who their governments work for (anybody with enough money to pay them).

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