Mia Love: Black woman speaker at RNC has Wikipedia page defaced

Mia Love, a black woman and mayor of Saratoga Springs UT, spoke at the RNC. Her Wikipedia page was then filled with racist, misogynistic slurs.

The hard right has been on the story, using it as a way to attack the left. But without excusing the attack, it wasn’t The Left that did it but instead some cowardly little weasel.

But such contemptible attacks are coming from all sides now. What ever happened to civility and respect for opposing views? “When compromise breaks down, war breaks out,” a high school history teacher said. The country is getting too close to that. We all need to back off from the edge.

Mia Love said her parent’s came from Haiti with $10 in their pocket and built a good life for themselves and her. Shouldn’t this be something that should make us all happy, that someone succeeded against tough odds, rather than attacking them for their party affiliation?