Hyperpartisan politics now applies to the music we listen to?

The divisiveness of hyperpartisan politics is moving into non-political areas, like what bands we listen to.  A recent Facebook post said Kid Rock was playing at the RNC. Several commenters jumped in saying that if Kid Rock’s music didn’t already suck then it surely must now. They strongly implied that music by right-wingers should probably not be listened to.

WTF? Have our politics become so hyperpartisan that it seeps over into what music we deem proper for our tender ears not to be offfended by? But this just makes music another self-imposed echo chamber, and we already have way too many of those.

Hank Williams Jr. recently released a CD with political rants on it, some quite funny and witty. Apparently though, since I disagree with his politics, I therefore must no longer be allowed to listen to or like “Family Tradition.”

Johnny Ramone was a hard core in-your-face right winger. The back of the Ramones first album had a Nazi belt buckle on it. And they were a great band. I saw them live several times.

To imply that one’s choices in music should be dictated by the politics of the musicians is ludicrous. Such an attitude just makes me wanna be sedated.