Presidential campaigns madness about to start

Let’s all enjoy our final day or so of peace before the presidential campaigns start for real with the RNC. Soon enough the Internet and airways will be filled with sleazy attack ads, false claims, and much demonizing of opponents. Only the relentlessly optimistic still offer a slim hope that actual discussion of pressing issues might occur with constructive dialogue leading towards solutions.

Instead, the shrinking middle class, feeble economy, and curious lack by the federal government to enforce laws against the banksters will be studiously ignored by Obamney and Rombama, except of course when they can use such issues as a pretext to attack the other.

How do we work towards getting real solutions in this country?


  1. I’m ready for it. I need a little entertainment. I mean if what we’ve seen so far isn’t mud slinging, then bring it baby! Bring it!

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