Assange and the attempt to extradite him to the US

Anyone opposing the extradition of Assange immediately gets demonized. The empire moves in lockstep on this. Yes, some have concerns about the rape charge but underlying all this is the fierce determination of the US to try Assange here, with a guilty verdict a foregone conclusion.

Craig Murray’s speaks about whistle-blowing at the Ecuadorian Embassy (with transcript)

CRAIG MURRAY: We should not forget what this is about. This is about the persecution of an individual who has made life much more simple and more productive for whistleblowers in the Information Age and in an age when, as Western governments become increasingly authoritarian and civil liberties are diminished, we need whistleblowers more than ever to protect the rights of all of us.

The oldest feminist, anti-rape organization in Britain says the Assange extradition attempt is political.

We are Women Against Rape but we do not want Julian Assange extradited. For decades we have campaigned to get rapists caught, charged and convicted.

But the pursuit of Assange is political

On demonizing those who support Assange

The concerted attempt to demonize George Galloway over his comments on the rape allegations levelled at Julian Assange is reflective of something rotten in British cultural life. Nothing short of a lynching-by-media is being attempted by a range of commentators from right to left, to the point where there’s no room left on the bandwagon.