Gas to Grass Station with Electric Vehicles

What if you never had to visit a gas station again? We think you should all get a taste of what it is like to own an all-new, all-electric CODA, so our team of operatives converted a gas station into an oasis. CODA owners enjoy the convenience (and savings) of recharging at home. Have a look at how we created the first Grass Station


  1. Listen, they could create an electric car that gets unlimited mileage and never has to stop to recharge because of a special generator that outputs more electricity than it takes to keep the generator spinning to create electricity. The problem is being the first to take the kind of a leap forward. Will we do it first here in America, or is another country like India or China going to beat us to it? I mean BMW already has a water powered car at their disposal, but I like the electric engines better. They’re super silent and have plenty of torque and generally get better mileage, so coupled with a special on board power generator it would be limitless to how many mileages you could get with that kind of car.

  2. Just wait until we end up with cars that can power themselves and don’t need to be plugged in. They’re coming, yes they are.

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