Barry Hyman. The Spice of Life

Another all-instrumental cd from groovemaster Barry “King Happy” Hyman, THE SPICE OF LIFE features guitar, trumpet, pedal steel guitar, sax, harmonica, alto recorder, flute, and mandolin solos, with lots of percussion and a big horn section. The instrumentals are all original compositions but have Caribbean, Latin, African, Brazilian, R&B, and Celtic roots.

Barry says:

My new cd, The Spice of Life, is available online.

What kind of music? A full electric dance band (with BIG horns!) playing original instrumentals. Caribbean, Latin, African, Brazilian, R&B, and Celtic influences. I promise you will like it! Funky yet ultra smooth!

I usually think of the work that I do — music education, music performance, and music therapy — as almost a “public service.” But there are times when I have to ask my friends and family to help. Please listen to some of the tracks, write an online review, share the link on social media, and tell your friends. Independent musicians can make really good albums in a home studio nowadays, but getting the word out is the hard part. Please help!

There’s some fine music here. Give it a listen and spread the word.