Renewable energy having problems in Idaho after promising start

Renewable energy development in Idaho has been badly hurt by the phasing out of tax credits, the Solyndra bankruptcy (which poisoned the well for new investments), low natural gas prices, and cheap Chinese photovoltaics . Several projects have been cancelled while others have moved out of state.

In addition, Idaho has plentiful, cheap hydro and coal power, making it even harder for renewables to compete. While states like California have mandated that utilities buy specific amounts of renewable power, Idaho hasn’t.

But it’s not just Idaho where renewable energy is having problems. This process is happening across the country.

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  1. It’s amazing how we’re all suck on solar, wind, water, and bio fuel renewables when there is a power generation method that doesn’t required any of the previously mentioned fuel sources to make energy from. Anybody guess what it is? Magnets! It will run for 150-200 years, and then you simply replace the magnets and keep on generating free clean electricity.

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