Financial fraud convictions: Bush 1300+, Clinton 1000+, Obama 0

Alexander Higgins on the Obama Administration’s abject and deliberate failure to enforce rule of law against the banksters. Here’s a just one quote for his long, detailed, well-documented post. Read the whole thing.

Meanwhile, not a word of complaint from a single Democrat in Congress, which is especially infuriating given the broad bi-partisan agreement among voters that criminal bankers need to do time. Too concerned with keeping up appearances and the next election cycle, neither side of the false left-right paradigm of American politics is capable of exposing its own filth when it comes to legitimate scandal, and this DOJ non-prosecution madness involving Goldman Sachs certainly qualifies as sordid.

Zero Hedge explains why so many foreign banks are suddenly being charged by the US

It’s very simple really. Please point out where on the below list of Top 20 contributors to a randomly selected US politician, in this case New York’s Chuck Schumer, can one find Standard Chartered, Barclays, or HSBC?


  1. Funny how despite Obama’s favoritism to Wall Street over the past four years, in 2008 he was their favorite and in 2012 there’s not a single Wall Street bank in his Top Ten contributors list.

    • I wouldn’t call what Obama did as playing favorites. I would say he gave in to the Republican terrorists who wouldn’t let him do so much as tie his shoe without their approval. As long as he was giving in to their agenda they allowed him to do his job, but anything he did, even if he was doing it to benefit big business, if the Republicans didn’t like it, then he was stonewalled at every turn. Basically Congress has hijacked this country and the Constitution was supposed to limit the power of the government and instead the government is using it to limit the power of the people. Banks are a necessary evil, but they play both sides most of the time. You’ll see them flowing money to Romney and if it doesn’t look like he’s going to win (which is probably the case), they’ll do the last minute hail marry and throw hundreds of millions to Obama as if they were always there supporting him from the start. I hope Obama takes their money and flips the script on them as he wouldn’t be able to run for president for a 3rd term, so maybe he’ll grow a backbone and stick it to Congress with a bunch of executive orders to get his agenda passed. Sure executive orders are easy for presidents to repeal, much easier than Congress to repeal the laws they write, but at least he will have done his best considering the circumstances and hope that his orders aren’t repealed by future presidents.

  2. The banks are flocking to Romney, afraid of Obama who doesn’t need them after he is re-elected.

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