Download an AR-15 assault rifle using 3D printing

Continuing the meme I’ve been discussing lately, 3D printing is disruptive technology that flies ahead of laws and governments.

When guns can be downloaded and manufactured reliably, that’s when gun control as it is currently understood goes completely out the window. It becomes obsolete.

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  1. Exactly the point I’ve been trying to make when it comes to 3D printers on why they’re a bad idea. Imagine criminals being able to just print guns at home and nobody would know. What about terrorists printing bombs that looked like ordinary objects and could get past security checkpoints? I mean since you can print the parts where you want them, you could disguise them easier right? Oh how I hope this never happens, but it just might take something like that to happen before 3D printers are made illegal. We need jobs in America not 3D printers replacing people with machines.

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