DC regulators all pissy about NY action against Standard Chartered

Oh my goodness, our curiously asleep regulators in DC have their panties in a twist because someone is actually doing their job and going after bankster thugs like Standard Chartered. Maybe states will do what our bought and paid politicians and Potemkin regulators in DC find every reason for not doing and  enforce rule of law against everyone including banks and those running them.

Obama needs to put these people in prison. Nothing less will do. Put an end to quiet back room deals that serve to perpetuate criminality. No more slap on the wrist fines. We need criminal indictments and lots of them else people might think Obama and Geithner are as corrupt as the banks.

The Treasury Department and Federal Reserve were blindsided and angered by New York’s banking regulator’s decision to launch an explosive attack on Standard Chartered Plc over $250 billion in alleged money laundering transactions tied to Iran, sources familiar with the situation said.