1. At a time when we need more jobs to be created, not less, doesn’t anybody think this is wrong?

    • Automobiles and the Internet created huge numbers of new industries as well as destroying other industries. 3D printing will do the same.

      • The 3D printing industry isn’t going to have the boom the automobile industry or the internet has had. I mean it will, but in the reverse. It’s not going to create a huge job market like those industries did. It’s going to remove them faster than create them. If you can make anything that used to require a person in a factory, imagine all the factories in America and slowly all over the world being replaced with 3D printers instead of rows and rows of workers. For example, all the cheap labor in India and China making garments and knick knacks for Wal-Mart that will disappear. Replaced with 3D printers. Sure somebody will have to maintain and fix the printers when they break down, but that’s like saying tellers at a bank should all become ATM technicians if they get laid off because nobody hardly walks into a bank anymore. Not to mention all the trademarks and patients that you could violate and nobody would know you were creating stuff at home or in some factory and not paying royalties. I can’t wait until somebody uses the first 3D printer to forge currency. It sure would make it easier wouldn’t it? So while yes I can see the benefits of 3D printers, the downside to me outweighs any gains anybody could fathom.

        • Did anyone think in 1992 when the Net went commercial that it would create some of the biggest corporations on the planet and completely change how business is done?

          • And we’ll most likely all be looking back and saying, gee did anybody think in 2012 that 3D printers would further the collapse of the world economy by putting hundreds of millions of employees out of jobs worldwide and nobody caring about things like intellectual property, patients, and copyright laws? All 3D printers are going to do is become the future of cheap labor outsourcing. If you don’t see that becoming a possibility, just wait until it starts. Technology is a wonderful thing, but there comes a point where it can cause more problems than it solves.

          • A very good point tho. It needs to be stopped or at least slowed down. If we could bury capitalism and greed and live like they do on Star Trek, then all would be welcome when it comes to technology. In this case I’m just hoping I’m dead before 3D printing kills jobs as we know it all over the world.

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