Sikh Temple murders

We are having way too many lone gunmen shootings. What the Hell is going on? Is a decaying economy and insanely polarized politics is pushing marginal people over the brink? Are the gunmen really that lone?

How do we end this madness? Maybe clips holding more than 10-15 rounds should be banned? What do you think?


  1. What good would banning high capacity mags do? A shooter would just carry more guns… much like the colonists hiding in bushes had multiple flintlocks so they could fire five or six shots before having to reload.

    But is this really a weapons problem? I don’t think so. I think the insanity of our society is finally bubbling over. Consider: brainwashed to believe we can (and should) succeed in the corporate world if we only try hard enough, crippled by debt as a nation and as individuals, and (apparently) powerless to change anything. Bombarded by 30-second sound bytes by politicians who want us to drink the kool-aid, encouraged to consume because consumption will make us happy, yet we’re not happy, with a thousand channels on cable and little worth watching. The fables we’re fed are both untrue and unsatisfying. yet as a society we need them to avoid an economic melt-down.

    Did you know that at almost any given time you can watch a Law & Order re-run? Is it any wonder that when our minds start to crack we think of crime? OK, maybe Law & Order (or any other particular TV show) isn’t the cause, but hopefully you get the idea.

    • Some think the Colorado shooter wouldn’t have been able to kill so many if ih had a 15 round clip.

      But yes, things seem like they are melting down too. As Michael Moore said, it’s about the guns but it’s not about the guns too.

      • As I commented elsewhere, according to CDC firearm homicides account for just 0.4% of the deaths in this nation. That’s higher than some, not as high as others. But it seems to me that making it about the guns is an extreme treatment that (a) won’t cure the problem and (b) coincidentally falls in line with our government’s habit of rolling back our civil rights.

    • I assume your society is like ours in so much as it is a fragmented society. It is all about the individual, you can have it all as long as you work hard. Of course as the economic situation deteriorates and reality smacks you in the face, and you don’t have an answer, the anger and frustration grows and it is still on a personal basis, no turning to the community, no sharing and coming together, it is still all about “me”.
      I am always amazed at discussing whether an individual should be allowed to carry a 15 round clip or a 100 round clip. surely if it is for self defence one or two bullets would be enough. But then again I live in a country that shudders at the thought of the public walking around carrying weapons.

        • Not yet. But to complete its feudal agenda, the government will have to cause us to conclude that gun owners are crazy and should be disarmed. The media is helping. (Yes, even Fox News plays its part… by appearing crazy on the subject of guns.)

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