Parowan half marathon and other virtues of small towns

I’m back in Utah for a few days to take care of some business, see friends, and run the Parowan half marathon tomorrow morning. My friend Liz and I did a final run last night on the actual course. (That’s her in the distance.) Having done lots of big city races, it’s a joy to be able to easily get to the starting area without hassling about parking. And Utah scenery, as you can see, is spectacular.

This morning I dropped the Ford Escape off at the dealer in Cedar City, which is near Parowan, for an oil change and checkup. There are two people who work at the Service Desk. They know me and I know them. They’ll give you a receipt for for you car if you want but no one does that in Cedar as there’s no need to. (Oh, and their wifi worked great while I waited.)

Sue and I live in San Jose, CA. It is Geek Central and I love it. But there’s lots of good about small town living too.