Breakdown in morality on the top leads to same on bottom too

Absence of morality. Three Chicago teens decided to beat up a defenseless older man for fun and killed him. Bankers loot the country.

Delfino Mora, a father of 12, was collecting cans in an alley on the Far North Side when he was struck and fell hard on concrete.

They were caught because they video’ed it and then posted it on Facebook, which is certainly some new depth of stupidity and amorality.

While I hope these alleged humans go to prison for years, our supposed leaders are providing practically nothing in the way of leadership, moral guidance, or being role models. (It almost seems quaint to speak of role models now, doesn’t it?) Our bankers are criminals, politicians are corrupted by campaign money, the government refuses to prosecute obvious fraud in high places – so why should a teenager think he needs to follow the law when the 1% ignore it?

Michael Corleone: “My father is no different than any other powerful man — any man who’s responsible for other people, like a senator or president.”

KAY: “You know how naive you sound…senators and presidents don’t have men killed.”

MC: “Oh, who’s being naive, Kay?”

Just saying…