Doing cat rescue

We do cat rescue and transported cats from LA to SF today. We took a mom cat and three kittens from Cat Connection in LA to foster ourselves and also transported two adorable kittens and Floyd, pictured here, to Maine Coon Adoptions in Oakland.

The SF Bay Area is doing better economically than other areas, including LA. so there’s a steady stream of adoptable pets that get shuttled by volunteers to the Bay Area from elsewhere to be adopted.

The kittens are totally adorable and will get adopted quickly. Floyd travels the best of any cat I’ve seen. He was happily looking out the window during the drive while most cats are scared. He was trapped and neutered from a feral colony but then it became obvious he wasn’t feral at all. He probably left an abusive home, or was dumped, or got lost. He’s super friendly and hence very adoptable.

The kittens were pulled from a kill shelter by Cat Connection to save them from being killed. The public shelters in LA  have very high kill rates, sometimes approaching 90%. That’s why cat rescue is so important (dog rescue too!)