Caifornia park system cynically scammed the public

The California park system secretly hid $54 million as it cut services and begged for money from private donors, which is certainly some kind of new low in bottom-dwelling, cynical, manipulative, politics.

The announcement means the department has plenty of cash, even though it’s been soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in what was thought to be a desperate scramble to keep parks open.

The two maggots at the top of the agency have either quit or been fired.

The finances of the agency need a complete investigation from an independent auditor. How could they hide so much money and is all the money accounted for?


  1. I think that’s a little unfair, Bob, they were doing what they thought had to be done – in this environment – to save what was once the world’s premier park system.

    • Could be, except for the fact the the head quite and #2 was fired. And they weren’t stashing away the money, they simply weren’t reporting it or spending it.

      • I agree, it’s one thing to do a fundraiser or ask for money, it’s another to do that while not divulging you’re not in dire need of it at the same time.

  2. Ironically, the California State Park system is home to a couple of hundred million dollars worth of marijuana grown there every year.

    Good stuff, too.

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