I Want My Country Back. Jimmy Copens


Email from Jimmy Copens. Listen to his song. It’s excellent.

Something to think about.

The TSA grabs your business whether you’re black or white, whether you voted Republican or Democrat.

When the banks come to foreclose on people’s homes, they put you out in the street, regardless of whether or not you’re black or white, a Republican or a Democrat.

Studies show blacks, whites, Republicans and Democrats all continue to file for bankruptcy.

You can be forced to buy health insurance, or pay a penalty, whether or not you’re black, white, Republican or Democrat.

Did I miss anybody? Sure, lots of other diverse individuals, but none of them are exempt either.

Sound like freedom to you?

Without freedom, you can’t be anything–not even a songwriter.
Without freedom, you can’t do anything–except what you’re told to do.

I Want My Country Back

Exactly my sentiments. I call this populism, and we need more of it. Screw the Twin Parties of the 1%.