Scoble epic rant on Google+ spamming Google Calendar

Ubergeek Robert Scoble makes serious points in his epic rant against Google spamming its own Google Calendar without the user’s permission.

Here’s what happened. A few days ago Google+ rolled out Google Events. For inexpicable reasons, Events allowed adding events to anyone’s Google Calender without their permission. I had four events added to my calendar without my permission and was highly annoyed. Scoble, due to his high visibility, had hundreds of events added to his. What’s worse, the events can not be mass undeleted, they must be undeleted manually one by one.

Scoble is generally friendly and relaxed. But he unloaded in NSFW fashion against Google on the Gilmor Gang.

They started pushing hundreds of shit on my calendar”¦They spammed the shit out of my calendar, who the fuck thought that they had access to my calendar, to put shit on my calendar. That’s my calendar, don’t touch it”¦straight on the fucking calendar. That pissed me off”¦Google is a loser in social”¦This is bullshit!

Michael Arrington adds

I’ve known Scoble since 2005 and I’ve never seen him lose control like this before. But when you spam someone uncontrollably, like Google did, you can expect some anger.

No one ever got this angry at Facebook over privacy issues. If Google learns anything from this, it should be that. People hate unstoppable spam more than they hate giving up privacy, or most other things.

Scoble makes the key point that Google doesn’t get social. Facebook has certainly made their blunders but has never done anything remotely this stupid. Google must have thought says Scoble, that social is hot and so are calendars so let’s allow people to spam shit all over Google Calendar so people will be forced to used Google+.

He’s right. Anyone company that would do something this stupid really doesn’t get social at all. Google is great at search and is trying at social with Google+. But they’re still way behind Facebook.