United States endless wars: Started with King Philip’s War

Simsbury CT Town Hall placard

The warlike attitude of the US had its birth in King Philip’s War, which predated the country and set it on its current militaristic path.

The United States has been at war almost continually since 1776. In the past 236 years we have been fighting some type of conflict for 214 years or about 90% of the time. The data in the graphic image was compiled from the Timeline of United States Military Operations on Wikipedia, which in turn used information up to 1975 from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and doesn’t include CIA operations.

Perhaps the most savage and vicious of all our wars was fought before the US was a country in what is now southern New England from 1675-1678. It set the stage for our future wars and attitudes. In terms of per capita deaths it was probably the bloodiest in US history. It was called King Philip’s War.

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