The programmer’s victory dance

One of my specialties is taking ancient Clipper DOS-based database programs and drag them kicking and screaming into Windows. One way of doing this is by using open source xHarbour, which converts Clipper into a console app. It looks like the DOS app but is Windows. This is all that some clients want or need.

xHarbour is 99.999% compatiable with Clipper. I just solved a truly arcane problem dealing with that other 0.001%. Who knew that CTRL-W is generally CHR(23) but can also be CHR(535) and that they act differently in xHarbour than in Clipper? I sure didn’t. Or that I’d need to use the obscure READKILL function to make a particular module work.

This was the type of programming where you look at the code for several hours then change two lines of code and it works.

And now I do the programmer’s victory dance!