Republicans troglodytes in Congress want to ban military biofuel

It’s beyond me why we wouldn’t help this industry that will create higher farm income, more jobs in rural America, reduce the costs for consumers, satisfy commercial airlines … and make our military less reliant on a foreign supply of energy, It is just astounding that people don’t understand that,” said Agriculture Secretary Vilsack.

Oh, they understand it just fine. The problem is our politics are so polarized that if one side supports something the other must automatically oppose it. And neither side really wants that to change. They benefit from our dysfunctional system just like it is.

The Pentagon is moving towards military biofuel because they want energy security and the ability to make fuel wherever soldiers are stationed. This is a sane, logic, reasonable goal. So, I wonder, will any Congressional Democrats stand up and forcefully oppose the derangement of the right on energy policy? Hah, I crack myself up. Of course they won’t.