1. For once I’d like to see a record low voter turnout that sends a clear message that America is sick of the lies and corruption. Like maybe 10% of the population actually voting. Our political system has been broken for quite some time, but we keep on using bubble gum and super glue and patch it up just enough so it won’t break down completely.

    • I’ve considered that as well, but I think it’s too easy to view a stay-at-home protest as apathy.A more effective protest would be a record high turnout with lots of votes for the Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, etc. There would be no mistaking that with apathy. I intend to vote for Jill Stein and I’m going to get quite rude to the first Democrat who says to me “that’s like voting for Romney.” Damn it, voting for Obama is like voting for Romney.

      • A third party would be nice, but the closest we ever were to that was Ross Perot and he dropped out when he realized the game the Republicans and Democrats were playing against him. It’s one thing for a fair fight, but when the other 2 parties in a 3 party race for president are trying to partner up against the 3rd just so there will be only 2 parties to race against each other, it’s just not a fair fight.

  2. The Populists in the 1890’s were a real third party, controlled several legislatures. There were Populist governors and one Populist Senator.

    Unfortunately, they thought they could team up with the Democratic Party who would surely agee with their goals and got backstabbed for their troubles.

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